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Chris Smooth

New for 2012 .. I will be releasing all new Chris Smooth tracks! Never before hear and entire album by yours truly! Stay tuned for release date soon!


iPhone blog

Ok I am doing this blog from my IPhone.. I am excited for it to work that way I can post all my Chris Smooth information right from my phone, especially if I am at a DJ Chris Smooth feature out of the country.

Take a moment to please cast your vote for me.

Chris Smooth is looking for a new management team and entertainment booking agent(s) to take his feature performances to a higher level. Please send email to

Chris Smooth is ready to release all his new tracks!

Be part of the Chris Smoooth revolution!

This is my first blog of many for the new Chrissmooth site. It is very exciting to see the major upgrade from my previous Dj Chris Smooth site to now. For years many of my followers, family, friends, groupies, and fans have asked for my return.

I am proud to announce that I am back and no longer retired as a Feature Dj. When I was retired from clubs I have been fortunate to have kept very busy with my bookings from Sweet 16’s, Bar mitzvah’s, Bat mitzvah’s, Weddings, Graduation parties, Homecomings, Birthday parties, Corporate, School dance, Frat parties and more. I have missed DJ’ing the club and rave scene. Now I’m back and better than ever.

I will be updating everyone with all my progress to the top. I am now taking bookings nationwide and internationally. This is the year for DJ Chris Smooth. See you all soon!

Thank you to very much Dre from He was able to put together the Chris Smooth website with everything I had requested and more. YOU ROCK!.

Please check out the gallery there are some of the most amazing photos of me. Stay tuned for more photos.

Andre of ARecinto Photography, an Orange County Photographer took the amazing photos. Working on my new “Smooth Box” cd set. Coming out very soon! Download section opening up soon!

Stay smooth and love eachother.

– Chrissmooth