The Original DJ Chris Smooth…

Chris Smooth was born in Hollywood, CA a star! Since Chris was born he has always had a passion and ear for music. His ability to hear and feel the music gives him that mastery edge and a feature DJ/Music Producer. (Call it a gift) Chris feels the music from his heart and soul. He also acknowledges that being a DJ is not just about popularity contests but the ability to please and read a crowd. He plays for his crowd knowing what songs to play, how to play them at the correct time and the fundamentals of mixing his tracks together. Chris knows that ego doesn’t pay the bills, packed nightclubs and successful events do! That is the motivation from many of the top clubs, owners and promotional teams to hire DJ Chris Smooth as they know he brings a massive following and keep the club packed having an amazing time!

Chris made a name for himself as a top DJ as “DJ Smooth” for many years in the hottest clubs in Detroit, Chicago and in the surrounding areas. Chris soon realized that moving back to California would only help expand his career as a Feature DJ personality. Moving back to California turned out to be the best move he could have ever made. DJ Smooth rocketed in the club scene in California and in Las Vegas with his unforgettable DJ presence. His true followers showed many club owners and promoters that he was the real deal.

In 2003 Chris took a break from the club scene for a tragic family loss. He restructured his life and his goals as a DJ. Realizing retirement is not an option, his fan base kept demanding a come back and realizing his heart must beat again he changed his name to “DJ Chris Smooth”. Chris’s career is in full swing, he is now in the studio producing his own tracks and with that he plans on making a stronger mark in the entertainment world not just in the United States but WORLDWIDE!

A little note written about DJ Chris Smooth for one of his Feature performances…“A master of DJing of every platform out there. Whether it’s scratching vinals or getting down with Traktor Scratch Pro. From Miami to Detroit to Las Vegas to a lot of the top clubs in the nation, the name DJ Chris Smooth has passed around the lips of them all. With a true love for music and a humble heart that has helped him stand out from them all. There is no doubt that our feet won’t be standing still when you hear him kill it on the 1’s and 2’s!” Come-Unity Events



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Chris has been creating music since he was a young boy. His first mix tape was created in 1984. Chris has the ablity to play on most systems, whether it’s Vinal or CDJ’s. While Chris can mix any type of music his top hiring genre is Top 40, Mashups, House, and Trance.

Club/Event Experience:

Listed below are a few of the over 20,000 club/events spanning the career of DJ Chris Smooth (formally known as DJ Smooth). These clubs are not in order just some of the farvoite clubs that stood out in Chris’s career.

  • Blue Martini Lounge – Las Vegas
  • CLUB 705
  • Fashions
  • Century Club
  • Sapphire
  • The Clam
  • Dragon
  • First Edition Lounge
  • Forbidden City
  • Chillers
  • The Arena
  • Harbor Drive
  • Carnival Cruise Line “Feature Performer”
  • Royal Caribbean “Feature Performer”
  • Club Blue
  • On the Rocks
  • Keegan’s
  • Club 171
  • Empire
  • Hard Rock Las Vegas
  • Alabrije
  • Dano’s
  • Club Pearl
  • Latitudes
  • Clutch Cargo – Chicago
  • The Drink – Chicago
  • Animal – Mexico
  • Roosevelt hotel
  • Hennessey’s – Hermosa Beach
  • Sangria
  • Patrick Molloys
  • Sharkeez – Hermosa bch
  • The Shore
  • Union Cattle
  • Club Red
  • Clutch Cargo
  • JD 2010
  • Pulse
  • All Star Sports bar
  • Fox Theater – Detroit
  • Wooly Bullys – Clinton Twp
  • Zen Lounge
  • D-Club
  • Bar-24
  • Empire Civic Center
  • Empire
  • Samba
  • Ibiza Beach Club
  • RIO
  • Scribbles

Radio/Emcee Experience:

  • KROQ
  • KISS
  • USC
  • UCLA
  • Six Flags
  • Carnival
  • Royal Carribian
  • Golds Gym
  • Turkey Bowl XXII
  • CruiseOne
  • MTV
  • Socal Now

Event Experience:

  • Beyonddesires
  • Come-Unity Events
  • Desires Productions
  • World Party
  • Bat Promotions
  • Punchem Productions
  • Sail with the Stars
  • Holland America
  • YoYo promotions
  • Lifestyle Productions
  • Kamakazi Entertainment
  • Calender Model
  • Smooth Cruise 1
  • Smooth Cruise II

Booking Information

Chris Smooth is available for Worldwide bookings. To book DJ Chris Smooth as a feature for you upcoming event please contact at 1-877-354-6895 or email to